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iPhone 6: Shooting video useful tips and tricks
iPhone 6: Shooting video useful tips and tricks
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If you're like most of the population, you iPhone 6 is your best friend. It is going anywhere you go and keeps you company if you are all alone for a few minutes. Though those who are in the profession usually use cameras, chances are how the everyday photographer is certain to get many use out of their smartphone to get a camera. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S have fantastic cameras for both video and photo, meaning that you could probably find some great shots with just your phone. If you're someone who loves making use of their gadgets to get great video, listed below are some helpful tips and tricks when shooting video to have a great picture and quality therefore you look like the professional you've always aspired to be.

Use 60 fps rather than the default 30 fps

The default fps for the iPhone 6 is 30 fps. In settings, you are able to change it to ensure that it will shoot our video in 60 fps instead, providing you better quality plus a richer picture which will really help you when you're wanting to shoot an experienced quality video, or edit it on your pc later on. Shooting professionally from an iPhone can be done now, though many professionals may try to show you otherwise.

Use a remote shutter device

If you want to get technical regarding this, with a remote shutter device to begin with as well as prevent your video is advisable. It means that hitting the start/stop button is harder to carry out by mistake, plus it means that you could move to the side of the camera if that is much better for whatever it is you happen to be filming. Additionally, with a shutter means you won't accidentally bob your camera all around when starting stopping the filming. Should you be focusing on something professional or serious (essentially, anything apart from something for Facebook or your friends and family), ensure that you think of this option. You can aquire a Bluetooth option, or simply utilize the earbuds that are included with the iPhone - they also have remote volume buttons which serve as a remote shutter when on video mode.

Always edit using the pc

This will likely see a little obvious, but ensure that you always edit using the pc. The iPhone 6 carries a great slew of features in editing photos and video, but be sure to resist the urge to edit on your phone and use your computer software you have and so are familiar with using. Should you edit for the iPhone, you'll lose the original untouched footage, and you might be sorry later. With all the computer software, you'll have the editing ability to save alternate versions and you'll have the original file on your phone for those who have an issue with the edits.

Consider another audio source

Should you be shooting a candid video or even a interview one, be sure to don't solely depend upon the audio received from your iPhone video app. While it's a lot better than before, it may possibly not be the greatest choice for professional grade videos. If you are searching to get a solution, look at a clip on mic, as well as put another iPhone within the scene, preferably over the head of the speaker in order that it's from sight, but will record great audio that iPhone is recognized for. It needs to be easy enough to overlay this video using the audio, so you'll get great sound plus a great photo for people interviews, etc. It could possibly really help to supercharge your professionalism from a single level to another.

Use a tripod

It doesn't matter how steady you might think you happen to be, you're intending to want to look at with a tripod for shooting your video. The lens of the iPhone is likely to be constantly shifting and adjusting, so even smallest movement (breathing, for instance) is sufficient help it become shift and adjust. Should you be filming someone talking, or something close up, this can lead to frustrating blurriness and it also means you will probably have problems for those who have multiple takes and you are attempting to splice everything together. It's something you seriously must consider.

Your iPhone 6 can be your most robust weapon in terms of creating professional video. It has all of the features and advanced technology to generate a great video, so all you need to do is learn to best make full use of everything, and you've got a great video. Keep in mind that these a few of the countless options on the market for advice, so take advantage of this as a base and get all of the help you can get in order to make the most from your iPhone 6 video camera.

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One never knows how powerful it'll be, plus it may get you a prize one day!

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